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When you think about outside marketing, there is only one solution for it that you can do it with banners and posters. Billboard banners and posters are the right medium and solution for it. There are several banners and posters you have seen in public places or on roads and at other places promoting products and services.

These banners and posters are printed by a big vinyl printers. The material which is used for printing is of good quality. It is the vinyl material which is anti-mildew, black backed, flame retardant and UV resistant. It is produced by LG chemical which is the largest producer in the world of vinyl material.

Big Vinyl Printer

The printing on this material is done by big vinyl printer that prints at the rate of 300 to 360dpi that produces the attractive and fine print without any printing mistake. All banners are printed by digital printers provided there is no chance of any errors. These printers are of great help. They all print by themselves. One just has to put printing materials into them and instruct them to print otherwise in past there were chances of errors when they were painted by painters. You can have both black n white and color prints and in any size you want.

There are many different sizes and designs of banners. There are custom banners which can be of any shape and in any size. Normally the banners are of rectangle and square shape and size but there are custom banners too that can be of any shape whether of some celebrity, cartoon or of any other creatives. Promotion through banners and posters are popular from old times when there was no facility of internet marketing too. It is one of the oldest ways of marketing and advertising which was used and still it is.

Digital printing technology has brought new changes in the printing of banners and posters that reduces the human labor and increases the production as well as quality of printing. Banners can be used for weddings, parties, promotions, events, specials and for any other purpose.